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Out of Province Vehicle Inspections

If you are moving to Alberta or Purchasing a vehicle from outside Alberta, come to AR Automotive. We are certified to perform Out of Province Vehicle Inspections. 

General Inspections

Buying a car is a major investment – one that you want to protect. And you'll also want to be sure that the vehicle you and your family are driving around in is safe. A vehicle inspection will give you peace of mind, and help you to protect your investment. Benefits of an AR Automotive Vehicle Inspection Get a full vehicle safety check and road test before you buy. Benefit from an independent, professional 'second opinion'. Use the Vehicle Inspection results when negotiating over price. Why get a vehicle inspection? Every year 190,000 cars are written off by insurers. Yet many of them still end up on a used car lots or in the small ads. Be sure a car isn't a 'cut-n-shut' or an insurance write-off (there are many about). Millions of cars are generally unroadworthy, have major defects or other damage. 82% of the vehicles we inspect need essential or advisable repairs. It's easy to forget the important checks when you're looking at shiny paintwork. It is always useful to get an objective second opinion, even if you can do your own initial checks. The results of the checks can be used to insist that the seller repairs any defects or may lead to compromise on the purchase prices.